Business Continuity / BDR

Data backup is easy!  The test of a business continuity solution is recovery times. Our BDR offers Instant cloud and local virtualization options.

Cloud Server Based Backup

In the age of Big Data, companies rely almost totally on their data to survive and perform.  Unfortunately, this data is under constant threat from equipment failures, user error, and malicious hacking.  To make matters worse, most backup solutions fall well short of offering the reliability and speed of recovery that businesses need.

Simple fact: 93% of businesses that found themselves in a situation where they'd lost access to their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy that same year.   In the past, the biggest threats to data security were hardware failures and user error.  Cryptolocker, Cryptowall and other ransomware viruses have ushered in a new, dark age where hackers intentionally target your data and hold it for ransom.  These types of attacks have made victims of many who weren't prepared when the situation got critical.

Offsite Cloud Data Backup

Enter: Bastion Backup

Our Bastion Backup is an invicible fortress for your data.  It's a promise with no caveats.  It speaks softly and carries a big stick: no matter what happens, your data will be absolutely safe and rapidly recoverable.

Hourly Server Data Snapshots

How does it Work?

The solution is simple yet comprehensive: all of your critical data is stored on a local device which is then completely replicated offsite to colocated, secure data centers located on the East and West coasts, USA. 

Our backups allow your data to travel back to specific points in time - an hour ago, a week ago, or last year!  Incremental changes and revisions are preserved: that report you realized you deleted months after the fact?  We got it.  Need to restore a critical database to how it was a week ago at 10:00AM? Sure, no problem.  Your server just crashed and you need to be up and running now?  We'll just virtualize it exactly as it was pre-crash in the cloud.  

This combination effectively blends the convenience and speed of on-site backup with the added protection of cloud data backup and cloud virtualization.

Server Image Based Virtualization

How can we help?

Can you really be 100% certain that your current backup solution is doing the job you need?  Our Data Security Checkup can tell you.  This service is free, quick, and doesn't come with a heavy handed sales proposition.  We will show you how you can leverage the cloud to absolutely protect your data.