Virtual CTO

Smart, Expert Consulting by Qualified CTOs.

Smart IT decisions are just as important for small businesses as they are for a massive enterprise. In fact, a wrong turn or unmitigated threat can cripple a company that relies on business technology to get work done. For most companies, having working PCs is as essential as having electricity.

Being an IT provider is not just about fixing PCs or installing printers, it starts with a sound technology plan and vision for the future. The direction of your critical IT decisions can't be left up to chance. Good IT management requires careful assessment, rigorous planning, and follow-up reporting to make sure everything is working.

No two business are alike and a one-size-fits-all approach to IT is doomed to fail. Our network experts work with key decision makers to form an IT strategy that's uniquely customized to their needs. We start with an in-depth risk assessment that we offer free to all our current and prospective customers. From there we conduct regular reviews to educate and empower our clients to make smart choices.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving into different forms. For example, at the turn of the millenia, few would have anticipated how critical mobile computing would become to how we live and work.  Whether we wholly appreciate that change is a matter of some debate. What's not up for debate, is that rapid change is part of the fundamental nature of technology. It's disruptive, shooting out in unexpected directions or sudden bursts of innovation.

Unmanaged change in business critical systems, leads to chaos and entropy. New technologies, built on an incidental and ad hoc foundation will topple over in time. But a business that can adapt and utilize new technologies to do the same work more efficiently will be equipped with the tools to succeed.